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Will you help me determine my diagnosis or medical condition?

No. MEDcraze is for patients that already have their diagnosis. We take the next step after diagnosis to provide you with medical innovations that address your medical condition. These innovations can be new or existing medical devices, prescription drugs or biotech products. We believe in empowering you through product awareness so you can discuss these options with your healthcare provider.

Doesn’t my doctor already know about these new and existing technologies?

Not necessarily. Because of the complicated system of introducing physicians to new technology, it can take years for a doctor to become aware of a new medical innovation. So, if your doctor doesn’t yet know about them, how will you?

How do I search for medical products that address my medical condition or diagnosis?

1. Click on Diagnoses and review all the questions and answers that have been previously posted on the site. This will give you a good idea of how users have been helped by our Medical Product Experts.

2. Click on Ask a Question and post a question. We encourage you to post your question because everyone experiences the same diagnosis or medical condition differently. In saying that, no two medical products are the same. By posting your own question, you enable a Product Expert to respond to your question in a manner that is specific to you as an individual. The main goal of MEDcraze is to provide you with as many product options as possible that address your medical issue.

Who are your Product Experts?

Our Product Experts fall under two categories: Industry Representatives and Clinicians. Industry experts represent companies who manufacture and distribute medical products. These experts can be research and development employees such as product engineers and Ph.D. level scientists. They can also be product sales and marketing representatives at the local and national level. The second category is Clinicians such as Physicians, PAs and Nurse Practitioners. These individuals have prescribed or utilized these technologies in their respective practices and in some cases have actually developed technologies.

How do I respond to questions on MEDcraze?

Register and answer away! Answers can come from anyone who represents a manufacturer or a distributor of a medical company - a product marketing director or product manager, a chief science officer, or local sales rep, for example. Questions can also be answered by a medical professional such as a Physician, PA or Nurse Practitioner. Not already registered as a medical product expert? Click here to submit your information for review.

Is there another way to advertise our medical products on your site in addition to answering questions?

Absolutely! MEDcraze provides you the opportunity to promote your medical technology in a strategic position within the site or “sponsor” relevant questions that pertain to your product offering. Contact us to inquire about advertising opportunities.

Do I have to build a profile to answer questions?

After you have registered we will verify your credentials. Once you have been approved as a product expert you will then be able to start answering user questions right away. At minimum, your Name and Company URL or Practice URL will be represented on the Q&A page and on your Expert profile. If you do not choose to display a personal photo, product literature, videos and/or data at the time of registration that's completely up to you. Different organizations and organization representatives will utilize MEDcraze in different ways. The goal of MEDcraze is to enable users to access and obtain medical product information in the most comprehensive and credible way by experts who want to do so in their most comfortable way. If you need further information please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@medcraze.com. Thank you for helping empower patients with your medical innovations!

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